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Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass. 
It's about learning to dance in the rain.



When I was 5 years old my parents bought me a little red toy grand piano. At that moment, my relationship with music was taken to a new level. Using 1 inch keys with 2 octaves is pretty challenging when you are trying play your favorite tunes by ear, but I stayed hopeful - only a short three years of waiting and I will be getting a real piano and becoming a music school student! In my childhood days, music training was available exclusively for children who are able to prove their musical "aptitude". In order to enroll in a music school, one was required to pass a singing, ear training, and attentiveness exam.. After going through those trials, we would become Children's Music School students!


It was real, classic musical training - playing an instrument, ear training lessons, music theory and singing, sight-reading and accompanying. A whole 7 years of diligent, serious music learning. But most importantly, we have been taught to take responsibility for our craft. And that we did - everything from thematic concerts, performances in schools and hospitals to participating in contests, performing on the radio and singing in the choir. And my gratitude goes out to my mom, who being the most ordinary woman with no musical knowledge, helped me, a young girl, to learn the most important thing in my life - to love music!

Nowadays, music education has become more easy and affordable. It is both a positive and a negative thing. The positive lies in the fact that more children get access to music lessons, but on the contrary, that devalued the privilege of playing an instrument. Unfortunately, some treat music education like disposable plastic cups - crumpling it up after a short use and throwing it out. 

You can't do that to music! Music likes consistency and perseverance. It's okay to fail the first time or to lose motivation. It it all temporary! But how nice taking control over the unruly fingers feels! How splendid is hearing the applause after a performance, realizing that the difficulties are left behind, letting you soar to the new heights!

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