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 Did you know, that Leopold Mozart was not only a famous composer of his time, but also a brilliant teacher, who has shaped an unsurpassed composer out of 4-year-old son?

"Music is my life, my life is music"-

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart proclaimed. 

 Shinichi Suzuki, a Japanese educator, considered musicality not a talent, but a skill, which could be developed through proper education.

"Every child is talented, however some parents are just inattentive and indifferent to their child development".

 Whether You are in Elementary, Middle, or High school interested in studying music for the first time, or experienced musician looking to raise your ability to a high level, Edelweiss Music Studio is dedicated to help you in bringing out the best musical ability hidden within you

What Parents should know, before considering music classes for their kids

Let's shape the talent together!

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