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Choose you pricing plan


Single Master Class
for one time trial!

  • A 45 minutes lesson includes

  • In-Person or Online

  • Piano, Drum, Voice, Guitar Practical

  • +Free Teacher's Consultation


Group Piano
Intro to Music
for Little Ones and their Parents

  • 12 group lessons (45 min) once a week

  • Keyboard, Singing, Dancing & Music Theory Mind Games


Piano Beginners I
Perfect for beginners

  • 18 (15 min ) In-person lessons

  • for kids between 3,5-5 yo.


Shared Lessons
Perfect for families with two siblings

  • 9 (30 min) In-person or Online lessons

  • Time is shared between each child into 2 individual lessons

More discount?

Edelweiss Gold

every month
Perfect for those who are looking to pursue music seriously

  • 8-9 (30 min) In-person Piano lessons

  • 4-5 (30-60 min) In-person/Online

  • *Theory and Improvisation (starting at level 5) Lessons


Edelweiss Silver

every month
Perfect for beginners


  • 9 (30 min ) In-person/Online lessons

  • for kids 6+ yo.

  • Works for Piano, Voice, Guitar, Drums

Single Online or In person
one time payment
Perfect for Adults and Walk-in students

One 30-min Piano( Voice, Guitar, Drum) Lesson for Advanced and

Self-motivated students

up to

for a second family member
for referring friends

May be applied for  current students tuition in case of new customer referral, following their sign up and tuition payment.

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